Filing Tax Returns

With several years of experience, we guarantee you with the best Tax Return service in GTA area. At RGPFCA, you are offered a full range of taxing services, from Personal Taxation to Business Taxation, we cover all types of clients and give high priority to each and every client. Tax filing can be a complex task if you are not aware of the upcoming changes in the CRA and the way it now looks towards different types of businesses.

Changing tax laws in Ontario and changing life events make it tough for Toronto businesses and individuals to file an income tax return properly. Sometimes we make common mistakes that CRA overlooks and fines heavily of just a small mistake. Some of the mistakes can be repeating a mistake from the last year return, not reporting tips and gratuities etc. Recently, CRA has been actively reviewing filings from sectors like construction, retail, hotels and restaurants so make sure you can justify all income reported and all deductions claimed. We provide reliable tax return filing service in Mississauga. Rely on us and all these complexities in filing tax returns will be the thing of the past.

We at RGPFCGA, will help you with all your financial statements and help in filing your income tax returns properly. We provide timely filing of tax return documents and provide our clients with complete details of the tax returns being submitted for record keeping purpose. We have a team of professionals in Mississauga, who will always be there to answer your queries and solve your problems related to filing tax returns.

We are experts in filing following tax returns :

  • HST returns
  • WSIB returns
  • Payroll returns
  • EHT returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Corporate Tax Returns

Other than large corporate businesses, we also prepare tax returns for small businesses in Toronto such as Sole proprietorship, Rental Property Owners, Partnerships, Self-employed etc.

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