Payroll Services

At RGPFCGA, CGA in Mississauga, you will find the best team looking at your payroll problems and giving you the best possible solutions in a timely manner. If you are looking for a reliable payroll management service in Mississauga or Toronto, you have reached the right place. We promise that the payroll service we will provide for your business will be the best in the market. Once you have your payroll setup through us, you will never need to look anywhere else. Our Motto is, “Provide the best of the best and keep repeating….”.

We care about your business and we know that your business success means our business success. With a growing business, increase in payroll administration is bound to happen which can make things complex. Not only managing payrolls within the business firm can use a lot of resources like time and money, but can also be a complex task and can lead to an error due to lack of proper guidance. If you are looking for a better way to initiate your payroll processing in Mississauga, count on us, Let us take your load of payroll management and focus on other important tasks that can make the business reach new heights. We provide hassle-free way of processing your payroll services in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga and handle every aspect of managing payrolls.

We handle companies of all sizes, let it be small or rather large company, we remove your burden of payroll tasks and prepare payroll tax returns in a timely manner. Depending on your needs according to the size of your business, we bring a cost friendly payroll solution for your business. Our team located in Mississauga is dedicated in providing reliable payroll solutions to companies in GTA and have always focused on client satisfaction.

Our Payroll, HST Services Include:

  • Complete Payroll Service
  • Standard and Analysis Reports
  • Payroll, HST And Government Returns
  • Government Remittance Services
  • Payroll Source Deduction Remittance
  • HST Return
  • Employer Health Tax (EHT)
  • WSIB (Workman Safety And Insurance Board)
  • Year-end processing, T4′s, T4A’s, T5′s
  • T5018 (For Construction Companies)

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